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A Message from the Dean

Brian Bromberger, DeanLoyola University New Orleans is a Catholic institution of higher learning in the Jesuit tradition. Loyola’s mission, therefore, in the broadest and deepest sense, is essentially religious and specifically educational and intellectual. The university is a community committed to:

Excellence in teaching and scholarship;

The search for the truth and a recognition of the critical intelligence needed to attain and communicate it;

The promotion of faith and justice in all spheres of activity—the city, the state, the region, and the world; and

Concern for the spiritual and moral development of each individual in the university.

While the Christian tradition is not wedded to any one philosophical, scientific, aesthetic, or political ideology, it is not compatible with every point of view. The Christian view of reality is concerned ultimately with choice and action, and is premised on the concept of moral responsibility. Therefore, the university must provide an environment in which all aspects of campus life, including administration and the curriculum, reflect a concern with ethical values. While the Jesuit tradition is world-affirming, it is also deeply concerned with the promotion of service to others rather than self-aggrandizement. This commitment to social justice can be shared by all who are of good will, in keeping with a respect for ecumenical diversity and religious and academic freedom.

The College of Law is committed to excellence in legal education in the tradition of its spiritual heritage, with its goal being wisdom, not mere technical competence. It welcomes all persons who sincerely strive for the truth and are prepared to challenge all assumptions in light of this commitment.

Updated April 3, 2006