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Master of Music Therapy (30 hrs.)

The music therapy degree program is approved by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Students who have not completed an approved undergraduate program in music therapy will be required to fulfill deficiencies. This coursework will be taken concurrently with graduate studies.

I. Music Therapy (14 hrs.) cr. hrs.

MUTY M818 Clinical Training1 1  
MUTY M701 Seminar in Research 1  
MUTY M714 Graduate Council 1  
MUTY M702 Music Therapy Research 3  
MUTY M703 Advanced Music Therapy Practicum 3  
MUTY M704 Music Therapy Supervision, or    
MUTY M705 Advanced Music Therapy Methods 3  
MUGN M810 Thesis 2  

II. Studies in Music (10 hrs.)2/3

MU Music Electives 10  

III. Studies in Psychology/Special Education (6 hrs.)

EDGR Psychology/Special Education Electives 6  
Total 30

Music Therapy Thesis Process

1 Clinical Training may be waived, depending on student’s background and experience.

2 Diagnostic tests in music theory or music history must be passed prior to enrolling in any music history or music theory course.

3 If approved by the associate dean, six credit hours of non-music, undergraduate courses may be acceptable in areas where graduate-level courses are not available.


Updated August 8, 2005