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Undergraduate Bulletin 1999-2001

The BSN Nursing Program

Director: Billie Ann Wilson, R.N., Ph.D.
Office: 119 Stallings Hall

The nursing program of Loyola University is an innovative upper division professional nursing program designed to meet the needs of registered nurses who wish to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) degree. The program prepares the graduate for expanded professional roles and for graduate study. The B.S.N. program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and is available both in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge, and at selected sites through Loyola's Off-campus Learning Program (OCLP).


To be admitted into the nursing program, a student must be a registered nurse with a current license to practice in the United States. The student must complete the regular university admissions process. A student who does not complete the admissions process prior to registration can enroll as a transient student for one semester by presenting the R.N. license at registration.


A minimum of 129 semester credit hours is required for the B.S.N. degree. This number includes 50 hours of nursing (24 hours of lower division and 26 hours of upper division), 28 hours of adjunct courses, 39 hours of additional core courses, and 12 hours of electives.

No lower division nursing courses are taught at Loyola. Lower division nursing credits (24 cr.) are granted either through validation of prior college credit or through the NLN RN Mobility Profile II Examinations. Lower division nursing credits are indicated as NURS 260 Nursing Foundations I (8 cr.), NURS 265 Nursing Foundations II (8 cr.), and NURS 270 Nursing Foundations III (8 cr.).

Several upper division nursing courses have practicum components which are composed of clinical projects and/or experiences designed to meet course objectives. To the extent that it is possible to do so, students are given a great deal of freedom in determining when and where practicum objectives are met. Students are also permitted to challenge a number of upper division nursing courses for which they have demonstrated knowledge and experience.


The RN-to-MSN option allows qualified applicants to substitute four specific MSN graduate-level nursing courses (12 credit hours) for four similar, but lower-level, BSN undergraduate nursing courses. The benefit to the student is that 12 semester hours of MSN course work are applied to the BSN degree leaving 33, rather than 45, semester hours remaining to complete the MSN degree. The RN-to-MSN option is described more fully in Loyola's Graduate Bulletin.


Major (50 credit hours)
Lower Division Nursing Courses (see above)

NURS C361 Professional Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
NURS C365 Health Assessment 4 credit hours
NURS C377 Nursing Leadership Theory 3 credit hours
NURS C378 Nursing Leadership Practicum 2 credit hours
NURS C450 Introduction to Nursing Research 3 credit hours
NURS C457 Health Promotion Theory 3 credit hours
NURS C458 Health Promotion Practicum 2 credit hours
NURS C471 Community Health Nursing Theory 3 credit hours
NURS C472 Community Health Nursing Practicum 3 credit hours

Requires Core and Adjunct Courses (43 credit hours)

BIOL C210, C211 Anatomy and Physiology 6 credit hours
CHEM C105 Gen. Chemistry 3 credit hours
BIOL C280, C281 Microbiology and Lab 4 credit hours
BIOL C335 Basic Nutrition 3 credit hours
ORGB C260 Statistics 3 credit hours
PSYC C330 Developmental Psychology 3 credit hours
PSYC C100 Introduction to Psychology 3 credit hours
SOCI C100 Introduction to Sociology 3 credit hours
COMP C119 English Composition 3 credit hours
LIT C260 Introduction to Literary Forms 3 credit hours
PHIL C122 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credit hours
RELS C199 Foundations of Religious Studies 3 credit hours
HIST C119 World Civilizations 3 credit hours

Elective Core and Adjunct Courses (18 credit hours)

Fine Arts 3 credit hours
Literature 3 credit hours
Philosophy 3 credit hours
Religious Studies 3 credit hours
Sociology (300/400 level) 3 credit hours
Liberal Studies 3 credit hours
Free Electives 9 credit hours

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS 120 credit hours

1999-2001 Undergraduate Bulletin

Posted online on August 29, 2001