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Undergraduate Bulletin 1999-2001

Undergraduate Courses


Each course is assigned a number for identification purposes. A four-digit prefix identifies the college and the subject area. The prefix is followed by a three digit number that identifies the particular course. This number is coded to give the level of the course. The following table gives that breakdown.

College Codes

A, T, U - Z Arts and Sciences
B Business Administration
H Honors
M Music
C City College
G Special Programs (Any course may be offered with special permission through Special Programs. These courses carry academic credit.)


Number Level of Instruction
001 - 099 Pre-college Level or Remedial Courses
100 - 199 Introductory Courses
120 - 129 Introductory Common Curriculum Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences
130 - 199 Advanced Common Curriculum Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences
200 - 299 Introductory and Intermediate Courses
300 - 399 Intermediate and Advanced Courses
400 - 499 Advanced Courses
600 - 699 Introductory Graduate Courses
700 - 799 Intermediate Graduate Courses
800 - 899 Advanced Graduate Courses

1999-2001 Undergraduate Bulletin

Posted online on August 29, 2001