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Undergraduate Bulletin 1999-2001


Each college administers its own special programs courses.

Loyola University offers courses for specific audiences. All of these extension courses are approved for academic credit by the university.


Admission to one of these courses represents admission for the particular course and not to the university. Regularly admitted and enrolled Loyola students may also enroll in special programs courses. Students who are not admitted to the university but are enrolling in such courses are classified as transient students, and admission credentials are not required. As a result of this limited admission and the extension facet of the courses, students may not be eligible for certain types of financial assistance. In addition, students excluded from a university will not receive credit. For all other students, these courses carry academic credit. Upon formal admission to the university, course work taken under special programs is subject to evaluation in terms of applicability to a degree.


Students are registered for courses offered through special programs at the first class meeting. If tuition is charged, full payment is required at that time. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. There are no drops or adds, and no refunds are available. The instructor awards A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, or F grades.


All courses offered by the university may be offered through special programs. Instructors may be either full- or part-time faculty members of the university

1999-2001 Undergraduate Bulletin

Posted online on August 29, 2001