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Undergraduate Bulletin 2003-2005

The Undergraduate Bulletin requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

  • About Loyola; Table of Contents; Programs of Study; Statement of Educational Purpose
    Pages 1-8
  • Goals of Loyola University; Loyola Character and Committment Statement
    Pages 10-18
  • Admissions
    Pages 19-27
  • Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid
    Pages 28-42
  • Academic Regulations
    Pages 43-62
  • College of Arts & Sciences; Department of Biological Sciences; Department of Chemistry; Department of Classical Studies; Department of Communications;
    Pages 63-93
  • Department of Drama and Speech; Program in Economics; Department of Education and Counseling; Department of English; Department of History; Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Pages 94-118
  • Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures; Department of Philosophy; Department of Physics; Department of Political Science; Department of Psychology;
    Pages 120-135
  • Department of Religious Studies; Department of Sociology; Department of Visual Arts; General Studies Program; Pre-Medical Programs; Early Law Admissions;
    Pages 137-155
  • Joseph A. Butt, S.J., College of Business Administration
    Pages 157-170
  • City College; The BSN Nursing Program;
    Pages 172-181
  • College of Music
    Pages 183-207
  • Summer Session; Special Programs; Academic Programs; University Honors Program; Military Science (ROTC)
    Pages 209-223
  • Academic Facilities, Centers, and Institutes
    Pages 224-232
  • Undergraduate Course Descriptions; Accounting (ACCT); Biology (BIOL); Business Administration (BA); Chemistry (CHEM); Classical Studies (CLHU); Communications (CMMN); Composition (COMP); Computer Information System Applications (CISA); Computer Science (COSC); Criminal Justice (CRJU);
    Pages 233-265
  • Decision Science (DECS); Drama (DRAM); Economics (ECON); Education-Elementary (EDEL); Education-Secondary (EDSE); Education (EDUC); English (ENGL); Finance (FIN); French (FREN); Geography (GEOG); German (GERM); Greek (GREK); History (HIST);
    Pages 266-296
  • History (HIST) continued; Honors (HONS); International Business (INTB); Italian (ITAL); Japanese (JPNS); Latin (LATN); Legal Studies (LGST); Linguistics (LING); Literature (LIT); Management (MGT); Marketing (MKT); Mathematics (MATH); Miltiary Science (MILS); Music Appreciation (MUSA); Music-General (MUGN); Music Business (MUBZ);
    Pages 297-326
  • Music Business (MUBZ) continued; Music Education (MUED); Music History and Literature (MUHL); Music-Jazz Studies (MUJZ); Music Pedagogy (MUPD); Music-Performance (MUP*); Music Theory (MUTH); Music Therapy (MUTY); Naval Science (NAVS); Nursing (NURS); Organizational Behavior (ORGB); Philosophy (PHIL); Physics (PHYS); Political Science (POLS); Psychology (PSYC);
    Pages 327-353
  • Psychology (PSYC) continued; Religious Studies (RELS); Russian (RUSS); Sociology (SOCI); Spanish (SPAN); Special Studies (SPST); Speech (SPCH); Visual Arts (VISA); Women's Studies (WS);
    Pages 354-385
  • Student Spiritual Formation; Student Life
    Pages 386-397
  • Administrators; Faculty; Faculty Emeriti
    Pages 398-418
  • The Story of Loyola University; Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities
    Pages 419-423
  • Index; Academic Calendar
    Pages 424-439

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