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Program Objective: The primary purpose of the bachelor of accountancy program is to provide students with the technical and ethical educational background that will allow them to succeed in the public, private, and not-for-profit economic sectors and to provide faculty with the resources that will allow them to engage in high quality teaching, intellectual contributions, and service activities. This program is designed to attract students nationwide.

  • Graduates should be able to analyze problems to make informed and technically appropriate decisions.
  • Graduates should be able to provide accounting information that meets user needs.
  • Graduates should have the accounting background necessary to meet the education requirements for various professional examinations.
  • Graduates should be proficient in the use of information technology.
  • Graduates should be able to communicate clearly.
  • Graduates should be able to assume leadership roles in their chosen professions.
  • Graduates should exhibit ethical conduct in all their activities.

One hundred and fifty credit hours are required to sit for the Certified Public Accountants Examination in the state of Louisiana. Specific required courses are included in this program. Students who plan to sit for the exam in another state should inform themselves of the requirements in that state.

Common Curriculum Cr. Hrs.
PHIL T122, Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL V152, Making Moral Decisions 3
RELS T122, Introduction to World Religions 3
Religious Studies Electives 6
ENGL T122, Critical Reading/Writing 3
ENGL T125, The Emerging Self 3
BIOL T122, CHEM T122, or PHYS T122 3
HIST T122 — T124, World Civilization 6
Fine Arts Elective (choose from DRAM, MUGN, or VISA) 3
Non-business Electives 3
Adjunct Cr. Hrs.
MATH A115, Introduction to Finite Mathematics 3
MATH A116, Survey of Calculus 3
SPCH A100, Fundamentals of Speech 3
PHIL A201, Practical Logic 3
ECON B200, Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON B201, Principles of Macroeconomics 3
DECS B205, Business Statistics 3
LGST B301, Business Law I 3
BA B415, Business Ethics 3
Business Core  
BA B100, Introduction to Business 3
BA B101, Business Communications 3
ACCT B202, Financial Accounting Information for Decision Making 3
ACCT B203, Managerial Accounting Information for Decision Making 3
MKT B280, Basic Marketing 3
FIN B300, Financial Management 3
MGT B345, Management and Organizational Behavior 3
BA B445, Business Policy and Strategy 3
Major Requirements  
ACCT B205 — B206, Intermediate Accounting I&II 6
ACCT B300, Federal Tax Accounting 3
ACCT B307, Intermediate Accounting III 3
ACCT B340, Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT B400, Advanced Accounting 3
ACCT B403, Auditing and Assurance Services 3
ACCT B410, Strategic Cost Management 3
ECON B305, International Economics or FIN B325, International Financial Management 3
Internship 3
Business Elective 3

* FIN B300 may be substituted for students meeting the prerequisites.

(Note: Junior standing is a prerequisite to all 300- or 400-level business courses.)

Updated August 9, 2005