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Computer Information Science

Bachelor of Applied Science

The City College curriculum is divided into four basic components, and although all City College students have the same basic core requirements, each degree program has specific requirements in the major and adjunct areas.

Major courses–are those courses in particular disciplines which lead to a bachelor’s degree.

Adjunct courses–are those required courses in areas closely allied to the major.

Core courses–are those courses which, in the liberal arts tradition, ensure the degree-seeking student a well-rounded education. All degree-seeking City College students have the following core course requirements (42 hours total):

Writing COMP C119 3
Philosophy PHIL C122 3
Religious Studies RELS C119 3
Literature LIT C260 3
Liberal Arts and Sciences:    
Social Sciences HIST C119 3
two social science electives from two different disciplines 6
Mathematics MATH C112 3
Natural Science science elective 3
Arts/Humanities fine arts elective 3
literature elective   3
philosophy elective   3
religious studies elective   3
Liberal Arts elective   3

(View City College Core Curriculum Requirements.)

Free electives are those courses chosen from among all offerings which the student may schedule for enrichment, professional development, or the like.

Major in Computer Information Science

Major (30 credit hours) Cr. Hours
Fundamentals of Computer Information Systems (CISC C110) 3
Information Systems Theory and Practice (CISC C210) 3
Programming, Data, File, and Object Structures (CISC C220) 3
Hardware and Systems Software (CISC C250) 3
Analysis and Logical Design (CISC C280) 3
Electric Business Technology (CISC C310) 3
Networks and Telecommunications (CISC C350). 3
Database Development (CISC C370) 3
Design and Implementation in Emerging Environments (CISC C470) 3
Project Management and Practice 3
Adjunct (27 credit hours)  
Introduction to Organizational Behavior (HOD C100) 3
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSYC C350) 3
Elementary Statistics (HOD C260) 3
Survey of Calculus (MATH C116) 3
Adjunct Electives 15
(from business, communications, mathematics, social science, computer information science, or science in consultation with adviser (minimum 9 hours in computer information science or 300+ level)  
Core Courses (42 credit hours) 42
Free Electives (21 credit hours) 21

(View City College Core Curriculum Requirements.)

Updated August 2, 2005