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General Studies Program

DIRECTOR: Thomas A. Smith, Ph.D., OFFICE: 202 Bobet Hall


Many students enter college undecided about the major they would like to pursue. At Loyola, such students enter the General Studies Program. While in this program, students make normal progress toward the completion of Common Curriculum requirements and explore the offerings of the various departments. Courses taken in this exploration process generally fulfill course requirements for the major, adjunct, or general electives when the student later selects a particular degree program. Some General Studies freshmen may participate in a special award-winning program in the fall semester in which one of their teachers in a Common Curriculum course serves as their academic adviser. The professor will continue as the student’s academic adviser until the student selects a major. General studies faculty advisers are knowledgeable about all the degree programs in the college and give students information concerning appropriate course choices. They may also refer the student to other offices on campus for information and services.

Students may remain in the General Studies Program for a maximum of 56 hours. Since the college does not grant a degree in general studies, students must indicate a major by the end of the sophomore year.

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Updated August 2, 2005