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University Honors Program

The Loyola University Honors Program offers the opportunity for academically superior, highly motivated students to take challenging honors courses and to participate in special cultural and intellectual enrichment activities. The University Honors Program is open to qualified students of all undergraduate colleges and majors. The honors courses replace other required courses, and therefore do not add to the number of requirements for graduation. The honors classes, which are usually smaller than the regular classes and are taught by some of our most outstanding faculty, challenge and stimulate students to achieve their full intellectual potential. Primary sources rather than textbooks commonly provide the core of honors reading assignments, and writing projects demand a level of analysis and expression beyond what could be expected in a regular classroom. Honors classes are also good preparation for students who will do an original, independent senior project.

Students with superior high school records are selected to enter the University Honors Program upon application to the University Honors Advisory Board. Applications should be sent to the director of the University Honors Program. Students in the program take 27 credit hours of honors courses. In order to remain in the program, they must also maintain the minimum grade point average of 3.3 and make normal progress toward graduation.

Students in the University Honors Program take a total of 27 credit hours of honors courses throughout the four undergraduate years, courses which replace some of the regular Common Curriculum requirements. Honors students are exempt from most of the introductory Common Curriculum courses and plunge instead into meatier material. Freshmen ordinarily take honors English and history courses. Overall, the honors curriculum includes courses in the behavioral and social sciences, classical humanities, English, the fine arts, history, mathematics, the natural sciences, philosophy, and religious studies. As part of our Jesuit tradition, most of the courses are value-centered and aim at establishing interdisciplinary connections.


The Honors Certificate Program is available to students already enrolled at Loyola who have outstanding academic records, but who choose not to do a senior project. Students take 24 credit hours of honors courses and at least one honors course a year.

Updated August 2, 2005