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International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

The purpose of the bachelor of business administration degree in international business is to prepare students to manage and lead in a variety of societies and organizations that exist in today’s increasingly interdependent global economy. To achieve the following objectives, international business majors take a comprehensive curriculum that includes business, language, and social science courses related to the country/region of interest (as indicated by the language chosen). Also, international business majors have access to and are strongly encouraged to participate in the international summer and semester-long study abroad exchange programs offered by the college.

  • Graduates should be able to understand, appreciate, and thrive in cultures other than their own, and in organizations composed of and serving individuals with diverse social and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Graduates should be able to conduct business transactions in at least two languages using the practical skills and modern techniques of management practice.
  • Graduates should feel comfortable in reconciling conflicting ethical, political, and economic dilemmas of the emerging global economy.
  • Graduates should be able to incorporate both the broad and specific implications of global trends and unexpected events into the design and implementation of business strategies.
  • Graduates should be ready to assume positions of responsibility in internationally-oriented organizations in which these individuals can leverage their managerial skills and expertise.
Cr. Hrs.
Political Science/History/Sociology Electives
(related to the region of interest as represented by choice of language)
201 — 300-Level Language
ECON B305, International Economics, or FIN B325, International Financial Management
MGT B315, International Management, or MKT B330, International Marketing
BA B435, Multinational Business Strategy, or BA B400, Global Startups
INTB B340 Business Environment and Practices in Latin America
Or - INTB B345 Business Environment and Practices in Asia
Or - INTB B350 Business Environment and Practices in Europe**
International Business Electives

(View Common Curriculum requirements.)

International business majors are required to study or intern abroad for at least a summer or, preferably, a semester. For international students, neither the U.S. nor their native country qualifies.

* IB majors taking a second major within the CBA may substitute one of the required courses in the other major for one IB elective.

** Choose one, consistent with the region of specialization.

Updated August 2, 2005