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Minors - City College


City College offers a minor in computer information science for students in City College and other academic disciplines.

The following courses make up the minor:

CISA C110 Fundamentals of Information Systems
CISA C220 Programming, Data, File, and Object Structures
CISA C250 Hardware and Systems Software
CISA C280 Analysis and Logical Design
CISA C350 Networks and Telecommunications
CISA C370 Database Development

The preceding list assumes that the student has had adequate preparation in using computer applications and in mathematics, including exposure to elementary calculus. This preparation is ordinarily demonstrated through satisfactory completion of CISC C105 or MATH C116.


The minor in criminal justice allows students majoring in other academic disciplines to explore criminal justice as a field of study. The following courses make up the 21 hour minor:

CRJU C105 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems
CRJU C110 Criminology: Fundamentals
SOCI A215 Criminal Behavior
SOCI C275 Deviant Behavior
CRJU C250 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI A315 Delinquency and Justice
HOD C360 Research Methods
Plus two additional criminal justice courses approved by the Department of Criminal Justice faculty.



The minor in forensic science is designed to familiarize students majoring in other disciplines to the methods and techniques currently employed in forensic science so that they have a working knowledge and understanding of the technical world of forensic science. The following courses make up the 21 hour minor:

FRSC C200 Criminalistics I: Crime Scene
FRSC C201 Criminalistics II: Crime Lab
FRSC C301 Criminalistics III: Controlled Substances
FRSC C303 Principles of Forensic Methods
FRSC C499 Independent Research in Forensics
Plus any two additional forensic science (FRSC) courses.



The environmental studies minor program offers Loyola students the opportunity to engage in a broad and integrated study of the environment from a variety of academic viewpoints. This interdisciplinary program includes a wide spectrum of courses from various colleges and departments and focuses on understanding the relationships between humans and the natural world from biological, physical, chemical, sociological, economic, cultural, philosophical, and religious perspectives. In addition to presenting an introduction to the major global and regional environmental issues facing the planet today, the program attempts to develop in students the kinds of knowledge, wisdom, and problem-solving skills that will enable them to play an active role in understanding our global and regional ecosystems and contributing to their future well-being.


The minor in human and organizational development provides an organizational systems focus as well as a leadership focus to students in other majors. The following courses make up the 18 hour minor:

HOD C100 Introduction to Organizational Behavior
HOD C260 Elementary Statistics
HOD C360 Research Methods
HOD C365 Program Planning and Evaluation
PSYC C350 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
HOD C470 Organizational Change and Development


The women’s studies minor offers an opportunity to explore, within a rigorous academic context, important contemporary issues concerning women’s perspectives and roles. Its interdisciplinary curriculum highlights the complex ways in which our notions of gender affect many dimensions of experience, including social roles, identity, sexuality, family life, moral choices, social justice, history, literature, and philosophy. The minor requires a selection of seven different courses in at least three different disciplines. The student chooses specific courses in consultation with an adviser. This minor is coordinated with a similar program in the College of Arts and Sciences, and students may take courses in either college. Susanne B. Dietzel, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and City College is the adviser for the Women’s Studies minor. For a complete listing of the courses call (504) 864-7880, e-mail, visit the Women’s Resource Center in Mercy, Room 103, or view the website

Updated July 23, 2005