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Pre-Medical Programs

Loyola offers two specific major programs designed to provide appropriate courses and training for students who wish to attempt to enter medical school at the completion of the undergraduate degree: chemistry/pre-med and psychology/pre-med. These programs include the appropriate minimum courses in the sciences and math suggested by MCAT as necessary for entrance into medical school. Students may also prepare for possible entrance into medical school by selecting a humanities or social science major and scheduling appropriate science and math courses as general electives.


A small number of outstanding Loyola pre-medical students apply at the end of their sophomore year to the Early Acceptance Program at Tulane University School of Medicine. Acceptance into the program assures that two years later, upon completion of the undergraduate degree at Loyola, the student will have a place in the entering freshman medical class at Tulane University. Eligible candidates must have earned by the end of the spring semester of their second year at Loyola at least 60 hours with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and must have completed at Loyola one year each of general biology with laboratory (eight hours), general chemistry with laboratory (eight hours), organic chemistry with laboratory (eight hours), general physics with laboratory (eight hours), and six hours of English. Grades lower than C in science courses will disqualify applicants. Careful scheduling is very important for students interested in the program. The applicant must submit by May 1 a completed application to Loyola’s nominating committee for consideration. Application forms are available in the office of the dean of Arts and Sciences. Acceptance into this program does not bind a student to attend the Tulane University School of Medicine. The applicant is free to apply to other medical schools.


Although degree programs in pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, and other allied health careers are not available at the College of Arts and Sciences, students may arrange to take at Loyola specific courses to satisfy the requirements for entry into the professional schools of their choices. Advisers will assist students in scheduling courses once students have made contact with the professional school of their choice and have obtained a list of Loyola courses which the professional school will accept. Generally students may remain at Loyola for up to two years while taking such pre-approved courses, but they must transfer to the professional school to complete their degree.

Updated August 24, 2005